Tsu moved to the Vail Valley in December of 1973, after obtaining her bachelors’ degree at University of Colorado.

Since 1984, Tsu served as Chairperson for the Vail Valley Salvation Army Service Extension Unit, until she became staff in 2004.

In addition, she helped create Echo Ranch, a group home for abused and neglected children, and remained on that Board for several years.  She helped create the Eagle Valley Family Assistance Fund, a non-profit that makes interest-free loans to individuals in the community.  She continues to serve on that board.  She also partnered in writing the Eagle County School District Head Start grant, in 1993.  She served as the director of the Head Start program for 11 years.

In her Vail Valley Salvation Army role, Tsu partners with myriad local agencies to provide services to our clients.  These include Eagle County Health and Human Services, Bright Future Foundation, Catholic Charities, Vail Valley Charitable Fund, Swift Eagle, Colorado West Mental Health Center, Eagle Care Clinic, Head Start, Early Head Start, Habitat for Humanity and Vail Valley Cares, as well as local businesses and the faith community.

One special project in which we collaborate is Eagle County Smiles (a dental program for low-income and under-insured children). We also partner with Healthy Communities, a project of Eagle County.

Tsu lives in Edwards and has two grown sons, Eric and Harrison, who have volunteered with Vail Valley Salvation Army for 30 years. She also has a Yorkshire Terrier.